What we do

Video production services

We'll take your video project from concept to the finished product.

We'll tell

your story

one frame

at a time

Editing & post-production

We'll take care of all your post production needs from editing, motion graphics to animation

Event videos

Conference highlights, training, exhibitions, weddings, openings, we can do it all.

Interview videos

Talking head videos can serve as quick promotional videos.

Music Videos

Not just a promo but a piece of art in and of itself

Promotional videos 

Explainer videos, commercials, virals, campaigns, there are so many ways to promote you.

Who we are


How we work

You Contact Us


Whether or not you are fully committed to having a video produced we'd love to discuss your project with you. You can use our chat box for an estimate (bottom right for desktop users), phone or email us directly with a brief, or if London based we'd be happy to invite you for a coffee somewhere convenient to you to discuss your project.

We Generate Great Ideas


With regards to concept based projects we would, after our discussion or after receiving a brief, go away and work on a few ideas then in a short agreed time present them along with their respective budget plans. 

We even have an extensive 'ideas bank' locked away just waiting for the right project to come along.

We would do this free of any costs or commitment from your side!

We Craft it


Once we get the greenlight the real fun begins! We at Rock The Boat Pictures love every stage of developing your concept.

From scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming to editing your project.

We revel in the challenges and pressure that are intrinsic to video/filmmaking. 

With regular updates at each stage of your project we will always ensure that you feel your baby is in good hands.

We Deliver


We won't be happy until the final cut of your video puts a smile on your face :) 

Whether you want to produce a video for the internet, social media or for television broadcast we will export your video in as many or any digital format you see fit.

With tons of space on a Dropbox folder created just for you your video will be ready for you to download and will remain as a backup for that added sense of security. This, we hope, will only be the beginning of our adventure with you.

Our clients

What people say

We met the guys from Rock the Boat Pictures when attending a conference in London last October.

During the conference we had the opportunity to interact and work with Rock the Boat Pictures personnel Oz & Stew over the 2 day span in which our collaboration involved the shooting of an interview to be used for PR and promotional ends.

The prize in getting to work with Oz & Stew is multi-faceted, however in an attempt to break it down while capturing all deserving accolades I can say that they possess all the attributes essential to executing a fun-loving work experience that is successful on all levels.

To name the most prominent the duo are charming in their professionalism, making the subject feel at ease as they expertly elicit the best performance therefrom. Their work ethic is remarkably simply and effective, giving direction while allowing all of the creative flavour of their subject to go undiluted and altogether making them the most endearing crew I have ever worked with to date.

Marilyn Mifsud, LL.D, Advocate, Business & Securities Associate, PKF Malta




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From outside UK: +44 800 773 4200

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Whether or not you have a clear idea of what you want from a video  feel free to submit a brief using the button below and we will get back to you with a quote, estimate or to further discuss

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